This Will Be The Title

...and I'm the lowly subtitle...

Josh Cheshire
I'm an army brat with a penchant for computers and broadcasting. "Dork," my sister says.
80's movies, 80's music, anime, art museums, astronomy, astrophysics, beaches, beauty, beer, being loved, blues, bollywood, books, bourbon, boxer shorts, brilliance, broadcasting, celtic mythology, changing song lyrics, chaos theory, children's books, children's literature, cinematography, climbing trees, coffee, coinkydinks, cold beers, comics, computers, cooking, creative writing, creativity, dreaming, dreams, etymology, fairy tales, fantasy, fiction, films, flirting, folklore, folktales, food, foreign languages, girls, girls who are geeks, girls who think, greek mythology, high energy physics, historical fiction, historical nonfiction, history, history museums, holding hands, honesty, hypertext, imagination, intelligence, intuition, irish music, kissing, laughter, learning languages, legends, libraries, linguistics, literature, love, lucid dreams, making up silly songs, mathematics, movies, multimedia, music, mythology, narrative, novels, opinionated girls, passion, people watching, photography, physics, pretty girls with bigbrains, public radio, quantum physics, quarks, radio, reading, reading old journals, really bad horror movies, science fiction, short stories, simplicity, singing, smart girls, steampunk, storytelling, streaming media, sunrise, sunset, synchronicity, system administration, tea, television, the ocean, the smell of rain, the victorian era, thunderstorms, tolerance, translation, travel, trees, truth, used book stores, vaudeville, walking on unused traintracks, wandering aimlessly, webcasting, wine, wit, words, writing, πολυμαθής, راي,