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Burial at Sea

Things I learned today:

While ashes often are scattered at sea, full-body burials are uncommon and highly regulated. State and federal protocols demand the body be in a coffin of noncorrosive metal that weighs four times the individual's body weight, said Gary Collins, burial at sea coordinator for the Environmental Protection Agency's southeastern district in Atlanta.

The coffin also must be secured top, bottom and lengthwise. "We recommend they use stainless steel chains," Collins said. "The idea is to make sure it keeps that casket closed This has happened before, where the lids pop open."

The coffin also must have at least six 2-inch holes drilled in its lid and base. It can be sunk no closer than three miles from shore in international waters of at least 600 feet. Because of a casket's weight, burials at sea typically require a crane-equipped boat.
Of course, I had the opportunity to learn this today because I read this article: Burial at sea fails when body surfaces off Fort Lauderdale. I particularly love this quote from the Sheriff's office, "The burial would have been successful if Lasky's body hadn't floated back to the surface."

All I could think was a sarcastic, "You don't say."

Listening in on a conference call and I'm munching away on my little container of nuts.

I noticed on the label the following warning: "Packed in a facility that handles peanuts, tree nuts, milk, soy, wheat and egg products."

I'm pleased to learn that my nut provider packed these in a facility that handles nuts. Litigious much?

It's been a long time since I laughed so hard at political humor on SNL. Well done, Samberg. Well done, indeed.


Don't tell my wife, but...Collapse )

There, I've said it.

Because Clowns Need Help

I've finally put together the last piece of furniture for Jackson's room.

I thought you might appreciate this particularly creepy piece that will not be used with his bassinet.

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